Automatic poly preperation units are mainly used to prepare polyelectrolyte additive that is used in sludge dewatering processes.

System consists of 3 sections;

  1. Solving
  2. Maturation
  3. Storage

Solving section is the tank that polyelectrolyte is prepared in desired concentration with help of the rapid mixer on the unit.

After solving, solution moves to the maturation section where it is held and slowly mixed with a flocculator. Next process, storage tank is the last section that the polyelectrolyte is held before being pumped to the dewatering process.

Desired amount of polyelectrolyte can be added to the system using the potentiometer on the integrated control panel. Since the feeding cone is equiped with heaters, humid sensitive polyelectrolyte can be kept dry.

The unit is also equipped with a flow control valve, flowmeter, solenoid valve and security float to prevent overflow and provide the flow needed.

Parts of  the unit can be produced in AISI 304 or AISI 316 stainless steel.



  1. Heated Polyelectrolyte feeder
  2. Rapid Mixer
  3. Flocculator
  4. Control Panel
  5. Scum Screen
  6. Pressure Regulator
  7. Solenoid Valve
  8. Flow Control Valve
  9. Flowmeter
  10. Security float