Designed as an alternative for Perforated Plated Screen, Compact Screen holds particles larger than 6 mm size in wastewater treatment plants. 

Compact design integrates filtration, transportation, compaction and dewatering functions in one unit.

Multifunctional structure eliminates need of equipments such as Helical Conveyor, Screening Press, and reduces operational costs in plants. Completely stainless steel equipment can be mounted into an open top concrete channel or can be integrated to the plant with its stainless steel tank as standalone unit.

 Compact Screen  Compact Screen

The screen works in preset time periods and also depending on the water levels. The automation system measures water levels with ultrasonic sensors before and after the screen and controls the equipment accordingly to prevent possible clogs.



  • Compact system that unifies fine screen, helical conveyor and and compactor.
  • Low head loss  - high efficiency
  • Self Cleaning system
  • Wide usage in indoor and outdoor channels
  • Up to 40% DS removal with washing system
  • Up to 50% volume reduction with compaction 
  • Low operation and maintenance costs