Biodeniz is a compact wastewater treatment system designed for different capacities ranging from 50 to 600 equivalent population. The system consist of aeration tank, clarifier, sludge storage tank and their related equipments.

Transfered into the aeration tank, the wastewater is treated by the aerobic microorganisms in extended aeration conditions. The required oxygen for the biological process is occured in the blowers and diffusers. The following step is occured in the clarifier; the stabilized sludge is settled and the treated water is chlorinated before it is disposed to the receiving media.


A part of the settled sludge is returned to the aeration tank to achieve the required process kinetics. The excess sludge is disposed regularly to the sludge storage tank for the final disposal.

The treated water can be used for the irrigation if an additional unit is installed.



  • Hotels and Holiday Villages
  • Residential Cooperatives
  • Industrial Plants
  • Summer Houses
  • Military Plants
  • On Site Areas



  • Easy operation, quick maintenance
  • Low energy consumption
  • Reasonable energy requirements
  • Above or underground installation
  • Anticorrosive material
  • Easy handling and fast assembly
  • Effluent standards accordingto the water pollution control regulation



To download BioDeniz Compact Biological Treatments System click here.