Increase in treatment performance and lifetime of mechanical equipments by screening 100% of fibrous and suspended particles in the waste water.

The rotary disk screens are currently used for the removal of suspended solids with size of 150 to 200 microns. Related capacities are 10 to 285 m³/hr. Its working principle is based on the wastewater that passes through the rotating screen plate. Fibrous materials and solid particles remain on the surface of the screen.


Water passed through the screen flows to the discharge basin. Fibrous and solid particles remain between the discs located here and they are scrubbed when reached to certain quantity.

Clogging of the screen is prevented by the rotational movement of the discs and spraying system.

An overflow weir is installed for case of breakdowns (power / water outage, etc.). Its compact design ensures continuous operation of the equipment and enables easy installation and maintenace. The screens may be easily demounted and installed if needed.

Screens and all other parts are made of steel.



  • 150-200 micron Clearance
  • Variable Capacities
  • Compact Design
  • Full Automatic Operation



To download Disc Screen data sheet click here.