The grits and any other high dense particles that may defect the pumps and other mechanical equipments within the system and the scum that may clog the pipes are collected by the grit scraper.

The particles collected at the surface are scraped through to the scum hopper by the surface scraper that is mounted to the bridge which moves longitudinaly.


Bottom scraping is accomplished by vaccuming the grits at the bottom of the tank with the help of the grit pumps and the grits are discharged to the sand seperator/washer which is the next process.

The motional mechanism of the bridge may be either rubber wheel or rail with steel wheel system.  All steel parts of the system are manufactured in stainless steel.  They can be manufactured in epoxy coated carbon steel or hot dipped galvanized steel upon request.



  1. Power Panel
  2. Bridge
  3. Motor-reducer Group
  4. Steel/Rubber Wheel
  5. Surface Scraper
  6. Grit Pump
  7. Aeration Pipe



To download Grit and Grease Scraper data sheet click here.