Grit classifiers are widely used for the removal of grit from the sewage on chemical industry, food industry, refineries and other wastewater treatment plants.

Wastewaters contain wide assortment of inorganic solids such as pebbles, sand, silt, glass and metal fragments. All these components are known as grit in the wastewater treatment systems.

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Most of the substances in grit are abrasive in nature and will cause accelerated wear on pumps and other equipments. Additionally, these materials are not biodegradable and occupy valuable space within the treatment system.



Specially designed of the inlet, overlflow channel and helical conveyor eliminate turbulence and improves overall performence.


1. Body
2. Helical Conveyor
3. Motor-Reducer Group



All parts are produced of AISI 304 or AISI 316 stainless steel. However helical conveyor can be produced of epoxy coated St52.3 hardened steel upon request.

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To download Grit Classifier data sheet click here.