Removal of solid particles larger than 10 mm diameter...

It is an equipment that rakes the screen bars in the vertical way by linear motion. It is installed in the wastewater channel with angle of 70 - 75°.  The equipment consists of screen, motor-reducer, base frame, chain mechanism, rake and rake cleaning system.

The motion supplied from the motor is conveyed to the rakes with the help of the chain mechanism. There are more than one rake on the chain which rotate infinitely. Number of the rakes depends on to the depth of channel and in the consequence of the length of the screen.

Linear Mechanical Screen

Linear Mechanical Screen

Raking starts from bottom of the linear screen and ends by the moving solid parts to the screening discharge outlet. Cleaning period should be controlled by the wastewater level. Screening operation is continuous and water flow is not interrupted by the scrape at any pause case.

All steel parts are produced in stainless steel. Frame can be produced in carbon steel with epoxy coated if requested.



  • Use for Deep Canals
  • Self Cleaning
  • Automatic Control
  • Tailor-made Production


Linear Mechanical Screen Data Table


To download Linear Mechanical Screen data sheet click here.