The screen consists of infinitely rotating perforated plates that are integrated to the sprocket-chain group. Perforation diameter may be varied whereas the most common dimensions are Ø5 or Ø6 mm.

The sprocket and chains are driven on a common shaft mounted to the gear motor.



Cleaning System

After the discharge point, perforated plates are continuously cleaned by a counter-rotating brush. The cleaning operation is supported the spraying of clean water on to the perforated plates.



  • Excellent seperation efficiency
  • Well defined size of the removed screenings due to the use of perforated plates. Ideal for removal of particles that are smaller than 10 mm diameter size
  • No submerged bearings
  • Self cleaning system
  • All moving parts can be accessed and serviced above the water level
  • Low operation and maintenance costs
  • Compact system with minimum space requirements
  • Suits best for deep channels with high water levels
  • Can be operated in channels with 3 m width and 5.5 m depth without any problem
  • Can be installed between angles of 45°-65°



Perforation : Ø3mm to Ø6mm
Channel Width : 3,0 m max
Channel Depth
: 9,0 m max
Installation Angle
: 45°- 65°
Wash Water Pressure at Nozzles
: 2 bar (min.)
Wash System Water Consumption : 0,3 m3/h (per spray nozzle)
Material : Completely AISI304 or AISI316 stainless steel