The main equipment of the water and wastewater processes and chemical preparation

Used in water and wastewater treatment prosesses, high speed mixers are being manufactured related to the basin geometry, fluid viscosity and chemical solubility in order to obtain maximum mixing efficiency.
High speed mixers, consisted of motor, reducer, shaft and impeller should be produced with / without coupling, with reducer and demountable shaft and impeller.

Hızlı Karıştırıcı Hızlı Karıştırıcı

By changing the type of impeller, different mixing characteristics can be obtained depending on the fluid viscosity. They should be produced in propeller / curved blade type for horizontal flows.

The whole parts can be  produced in stainless steel and/or in diffirent anti-corrosive coated materials.



  • High Resistance to Corrosion
  • High mixing efficiency
  • 70 - 132 rpm Speed Intervals
  • 0.37 – 11 kW Power Alternatives



To download Rapid Mixer data sheet click here.