Main equipment for the removal of settled sludge at waste water treatment plants

For the settling tanks having 6 to 48 m. diameter, rotating bridge scrapers consist of motor-reducer, central bearing, bridge, scraper arms and blades.

Mounted to the central concrete structure, the bridge is fabricated in standart profile construction in order to resist static and dynamic loads.

Döner Köprülü Sıyırıcı Döner Köprülü Sıyırıcı

Sludge is scraped to the sludge cone by rotational movement with a peripheral speed changing from 2 to 4 cm/sec. Polyamid wheels, rubber scrapers under the sludge scraper and swing joint of the arms ensure the smooth rotational movement of bridge. Motor-reducer sytem is protected against weather conditions.

The whole parts of the scraper are fabricated in epoxy coated carbon steel to prevent corrosion. However it can be manufactured in stainless steel upon request. Walk way grid of the bridge is produced from galvanized steel.



  • Peripheral driven
  • Tailor made production
  • Easy handling and fast assemby
  • Easy operation
  • Long life



To download Rotating Bridge Scraper data sheet click here.