Two principal types are being used for the thickeners; central driven thickeners for smallest basins, periphal driven thickeners for larger basins.

Once the sludge is fed to the deflector preventing the violent agitation, the sludge is densified by the rotational movement of the paddles and directed to the sludge cone. In the central driven thickeners, the motor-reducer is mounted to the stell or concrete bridge and shaft and paddles to the bottom bearing.


For the larger thickeners, the periphal driven bridge is fabricated in steel.

For the both types, the mechanical parts are being generally fabricated in epoxy coated. Stainless steel manufacturing is also available for the submerged parts.



  • Motor-Reducer group
  • Central gear bearing
  • Shaft
  • Base bearing
  • Thickener bars
  • V Weir
  • Deflector (Optional)


To download Thickener data sheet click here.